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TAGLAB automates tag verification, data layer audits, & conversion pixel tracking testing for website and marketing analytics. Get accurate reports and instant notifications through automated monitoring.

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A browser extension designed for rapid verification and instant debugging, perfect for daily spot checks and swift validation.

Inspect and validate your analytics and marketing tags. Our chrome extension supports more than 35 marketing technologies and conversion pixels

Debug your data layer in real time, navigation history as you interact with the website, and see data layer updates as they happen with each click.


Discover the power of TAGLAB’s web application for comprehensive tag auditing and automated Monitoring

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Build your scenarios that represent the most critical user paths and conversion funnels. TAGLAB bot will be able to perform these actions.

TAGLAB’s crawl scan navigates through pages, links, and interactive elements, identifying tag-related errors, warnings, and performance metrics for optimization and quality assurance.

Scans results are grouped in audit report collections. Each collection maintains the versioning history of the audits to keep track of changes over time.

The audit report provides a high-level overview, highlighting key observations on found tags, average page load speed, detected tag performance, and a comprehensive list of errors and warnings across the entire website.

Data Layer and tag parameter taxonomies are detailed for each page scanned, and each interaction performed. Including the most critical interactions such as adding an item to the cart, lead submissions, and purchases.

TAGLAB’s preset rule feature allows users to define custom validation criteria, which the platform automatically checks against the website’s tag implementation. Upon validation, TAGLAB provides clear outcomes, indicating success or failure, along with detailed reasons for any discrepancies or issues detected.

The platform streamlines governance and management tasks by enabling scheduled tests to run automatically at specified intervals. Users receive notifications of test outcomes, reducing the need for manual oversight and saving valuable time.

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Our Features

TAGLAB automates tag verification, data layer audits, & conversion pixel tracking testing for website and marketing analytics. Get accurate reports and instant notifications through automated monitoring.



No more missing or wrong tracking parameters and variables. Scan your analytics tags to figure out all hidden bugs and issues.


Check out on what conditions or on which pages your tags are fired. Verify and automatically replicate your real case scenarios.


Check out on what conditions or on which pages your tags are fired. Verify and automatically replicate your real case scenarios.



Trust your reporting and statistics. Manage the quality of your tracking installation our automated auditing.



Automated monitoring measures the health automatically without investing in manual auditing resources and notifies you if anything needs attention.



Be compliant and protect customer data, activating alerts in case of unauthorized cookies or sensitive/personal information leak.



Our Chrome Extension is made to automate, scale up, and accelerate the scenario test building without any technical knowledge in HTML structures.

How it Works

Crawl Scan Tag Verification

Use our powerful tool to easily crawl a specific domain and its sub-domains or a set of URLs to retrieve a comprehensive list of data layer objects, cookies, and firing tags on each page.
With TAGLAB, you can effortlessly obtain reports for all available tag types, eliminating the need to manually scan web pages for missing or incorrect parameters.

Scenario Scan Tag Verification

TAGLAB is a tag management system auditing tool designed to automate the testing of crucial user journeys and interaction scenarios on your website. This includes actions like adding items to the cart, the checkout process, and submitting important forms. TAGLAB verifies the implementation of cookies, data layers, tags, and conversion pixels that will trigger based on combined factors. With TAGLAB, manual testing and result mapping are no longer necessary.

Automated Tag Governance & Monitoring

Set TAGLAB to reiterate with an automated schedule of periodic tag, data layer, and conversion pixel audits at constant frequencies you decide to ensure data quality with velocity and accuracy.
Reports and tag auditing assessments will be provided in full details for your revision and intervention based on any issues or bugs found:


Schedule your timed reports as convenient so that TAGLAB can run them for you.

Report Notification & Validation

Scheduled data automation check results will be sent to you as summary reports. The audit policy that you selected will support any potential changes to expected values.

Supported Technologies and Tools

TAGLAB supports all major analytics and digital advertising technology vendors. Our continually expanding technology library covers all major service providers and over 280 technologies used across the web. Do you have specific technology in mind? Speak with our experts to integrate any marketing and analytics technology you need!

Empowering Growth Strategies

TAGLAB’s Integrated Approach to Marketing Solutions and In-Depth Consulting Services, inspired from our years of experience in delivering value.


Consulting Service

TAGLAB does not only provide software as a service, but also works with a consulting approach and deliver consulting services in marketing analytics, growth marketing, and conversion rate optimisation.


TAGLAB’s Premium Support

If you use TAGLAB, we make sure that you get value out of it. Our team of analytics implementation specialists will help you to set up your test cases and advice on your business case and website requirements.

Connect with our dedicated support team and get the answers you need.

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