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marketing data validation software

Audit your high-conversion data points with TAGLAB, the best-in-class data validation software. Easily audit your website tags with analytics testing to access optimal lead generation. Our automation suite offers compliant and efficient data collection for optimal tag management. With TAGLAB, scale your digital marketing efforts easily and accomplish all your revenue goals on one platform. 

Tag Management Platform. Automated.

Ready to empower your marketing team and boost your revenue?

With highly flexible data verification tools that detect bugs, scan tags, verify marketing data quality, support your IT and Marketing team to reach their goals effortlessly. Miss no leads or transactions  tracking with our tag data monitor tool while converting all your warm prospects. 

Real-time tag audits reduce analytics tracking downtime, reveal undetected tracking issues, and boost performance flow. 

Connect with an expert to get TAGLAB’s tag scanner now! TAGLAB Solutions for Faster and Efficient Marketing Decisions (Why Choose Us: Key Benefits)

TAG Monitoring Software

Our TAG monitoring software is a ready-to-use cloud-hosted web application that provides business users with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. You can onboard your entire marketing team, host cross-channel collaborations, and configure automations.

It helps marketers scan and crawl websites in heavy detail, runs audits, and executes test cases to verify the data’s status. Validate the accuracy of marketing trackers, firing rules, page performance, data layer variables, and cookies set with this comprehensive tag inspector

The best part? Our software does not apply any limit to the number of users or domain names you can scan per day, and it is easy to use by technical and non technical users.

TAG Management Auditing

With digital marketing and advertising operations in mind, TAGLAB’s management auditing system offers businesses quality control automation technology that suit companies and agencies. Manage quality assurance and testing solutions with your entire team in one place. 

To ensure clients success, our tagging specialists are available to help you design test cases and governance processes, provide insights, and expert interpretations to audit outcomes in marketing analytics data quality assurance and privacy compliance fields. 

We aim to empower our clients to obtain actionable reports with a detailed approach. Utilise it for instant fixing interventions, test cases approval to go live, or unveiling potential threats that impact data integrity, marketing taxonomy inconsistencies, cookie law issues, and privacy breaches.

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    Integrated Process Solutions

    TAGLAB offers cloud-hosted and within-client-premises tailored solutions that can integrate into delivery and production pipelines as necessary. It can make the entire data analysis, verification, and compilation process more efficient and cost-effective. Businesses can effectively maintain the velocity and costs of their internal processes with different teams and stakeholders with our product.

    Benefits of Partnering with TAGLAB

    TAGLAB’s debugging and tag inspection tool is built by a team of expert analytics consultants, measurement specialists, media ops professionals, and digital marketing professionals. We aim to provide a unique, user-friendly, and universal instrument as a source of truth. 

    The tool enables teams to integrate MarTech stacks without stress with easy integration and real-time analysis. It comprises all the verification and auditing features organisations and agencies require to validate their data collection process. TAGLAB is built with advanced development frameworks and the latest cloud technologies to streamline a unique quality assurance experience.

    Experience the following features with our top-of-the-industry tool:

    • Accurate Triggers: Check real-time conditions, funnel steps, events, and pages where your tags are fired. Our automated bot instantly verifies and automatically replicates these real case scenarios to determine if marketing tags are matching the solution design and behaving as expected.
    • Find Bugs Easily: Scan your analytics tags on the website to identify hidden bugs and issues with the tag scanner. No more wasting time and resources on missing or wrong tracking parameters.
    • Private. Safe. Secure: Protect your customer data and maintain data compliance by activating alerts in case of unauthorised cookies or sensitive/personal information leaks. 
    • Get Quality Results: Acquire high-quality reporting and statistics. Manage the output of your tracking installation simply with TAGLAB’s automated and precise auditing of website tags.

    Want to know more about our team and the tag explorer? Connect with our experts now.

    Our Goals and Motto

    TAGLAB was started to help B2B businesses automatically audit their website tags, govern their website analytics triggers, and debug their system. We aim to help you through all the steps of your conversion funnel, maintain compliance, and protect your customers’ privacy. 

    Here are the four pillars where we aim to make an impact with our services.

    Information and Digital Marketing Advocacy

    TAGLAB promotes ethical, responsible and effective use of data in digital marketing services and B2B businesses. We want to empower businesses with the right tools and knowledge to incorporate cutting-edge technology in their daily functioning. Our services help B2B businesses reach their target audience effectively at the right time and place. 

    Accelerating Digital Transformation 

    With a goal to support a digital and agile future, TAGLAB focuses on catalysing technological innovation. We support digital transformation by working with organisations to streamline processes, amplify customer experiences, and maximise operational capacity.

    Compliance and QA

    Maintaining high-quality assurance and regulatory compliance is the top goal at TAGLAB. We offer comprehensive data solutions to businesses and help them navigate complex regulatory frameworks. All our work is done while keeping the highest quality standards in mind. Our data experts ensure that all our clients can thrive within the boundaries of industry-specific regulations.

    Pro-Active Leadership and Collaboration

    At TAGLAB, we aim to foster proactive collaborations and leadership initiatives. We promote forward-thinking strategies and cross-functional teamwork to achieve business goals in a rapidly evolving digital ecosystem. With our mission to empower key decision-makers and industry leaders, we wish to cultivate an environment where collaboration drives success. 

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    Ready To Accelerate Your Business’ Efficiency?

    Technology and audience purchasing patterns change constantly. Reviewing your marketing automation strategy regularly is important to ensure it caters to the interest of your audience and brings in the results you need. It is ideally recommended to perform marketing audits after every change that you make on your website or at a predetermined interval. But, spending such resources and energy can be difficult for many businesses. 

    This is where we come in. Know how TAGLAB can authenticate and skyrocket your data analysis process. Book a free demo with our experts or ask any queries you might have. Fill out this form, and our agent will contact you.  

    Protect and amplify your data the TAGLAB way.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Should I Automate My Marketing Data Audits?

    An automated marketing audit allows businesses to check their marketing tools’ performance comprehensively, but most importantly to trust their data. It identifies loopholes or gaps in their system and helps businesses find solutions and troubleshoot them. You can also plug the automated data with the right tools or training models to improve your strategy.

    How Can I Automate My Marketing Audits?

    Automating market data is a multi-step process that includes knowing your purpose, setting the right goals, finding the right software, experimenting with the current stack, and implementing results. It can be a tedious process to undertake in-house. This is where TAGLAB can help you. With data experts to guide you from the start to the end, you can get the results you need to hit all the right metrics.

    TAGLAB Automated Marketing and Analytics Tags Auditing
    TAGLAB Automated Marketing and Analytics Tags Auditing
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