E-commerce Analytics Metrics Dashboard

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Optimize your online store’s performance with TagLab’s E-commerce Dashboard, offering clear insights into sales trends, product interest, and customer actions, from viewing to checkout.


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Dashboard Specs

  • Fully interactive dashboard with Google Analytics Data for Marketing KPIs
  • 1 Click plug-in
  • 2 Marketing KPI report Pages: Overview & E-commerce Metrics
  • Drill down and filter by dimensions (Item Name > Item ID> Item Category > Item Variant > Item Brand or Transaction ID >Order Coupon
  • 3 KPI scorecards
  • Conversion Funnel Steps
  • Trendline by Several Metrics (Total Revenue, E-commerce Purchases, Add to carts, Checkouts Started, Items checked out, Item View events, Conversion Rate)
  • Dropdown filters by date, medium, device category, country, and website hostname
  • Custom sorting and report export

Overview Report (Page 1)

Consolidated Marketing Health A dashboard summary that gives a snapshot of total users, sessions, conversion rates, and other key metrics to quickly assess the overall health and effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Each dashboard is designed to be interactive and customizable, giving you the power to focus on what matters most to your business. With TagLab, you are equipped to make data-driven decisions that can lead to improved user experiences and enhanced marketing ROI.

E-commerce Report (Page 2)

TagLab’s E-commerce Dashboard is crafted for online retailers seeking to elevate their sales strategy. It integrates seamlessly with your store, drawing on Google Analytics 4 data to illuminate patterns in customer behavior and product performance. Monitor everything from session starts to checkout initiations, analyze items added to cart, and assess click-through rates to make data-driven decisions that boost your bottom line.

The E-commerce Dashboard goes beyond basic metrics, providing a detailed look at the customer journey. It tracks the items viewed, added to cart, and ultimately purchased. The conversion trendline and product performance data, such as item click-through rates, offer actionable insights that help you understand what drives sales and what may be hindering checkout completions. With this data, refine your inventory, marketing, and user experience to meet your revenue goals.

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Visualization Platform

Google Looker Studio

Data Source

Google Analytics 4

Connector Type

Google Native Free Connector

Basic Metrics Requirements

This dashboard requires Google Analytics 4 tracking code running your website for most of the basic metrics (Visits, Users, Views, Geolocation etc..)

E-commerce Requirements

This template requires Google Analytics 4 Ecommerce implementation to be in place to display e-commerce metrics such as purchases, transactions, revenue, add to cart, and product metrics.

Custom Events Requirements

Custom events and their parameters, relevant for your business must be implemented on your website or mobile application

Dashboard Personalization Requirements

Only e-commerce events will work out of the box in this dashboard if implemented. Other custom events might need a minor tweaking of the dashboard to display properly.

Other Info

We provide full dashboard configuration and adaptation support.