KPI Overview and Marketing Channels Dashboard Template

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The TagLab Marketing Channels Dashboard synthesizes your marketing data into clear, actionable insights. Our robust set up connects with Google Analytics 4 to bring you a suite of informative KPI reports. It’s a thoughtfully designed interface to help you understand customer engagement, track campaign success, and refine your marketing approach with precision.


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Dashboard Specs

  • Fully interactive dashboard with Google Analytics Data for Marketing KPIs
  • 1 Click plug-in
  • 2 Marketing KPI report Pages: Overview & Marketing Channels View
  • Drill down and filter by dimensions (Channel Group > Medium > Source Campaign or Year > Month > Week > Day
  • 9 KPI scorecards
  • Dropdown filters by date, medium, device category, country, and website hostname
  • Custom sorting and report export
  • Trendline customized metrics (Visits, Users, Conversions, Revenue..)

Our Overview Dashboard centralizes key performance indicators, giving you a consolidated view of user interactions, engagement levels, and conversion trends. Monitor your marketing health with metrics like session duration, page views, and visitor types to gauge campaign effectiveness and audience reach.

Overview Report

Strategic Channel Analysis The Marketing Channels Dashboard offers a granular look at the performance of each marketing channel. By presenting visits, average duration, conversions, and the number of users acquired through each channel, this dashboard allows marketers to identify which channels drive the most valuable traffic and optimize strategy accordingly.

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Visualization Platform

Google Looker Studio

Data Source

Google Analytics 4

Connector Type

Google Native Free Connector

Basic Metrics Requirements

This dashboard requires Google Analytics 4 tracking code running your website for most of the basic metrics (Visits, Users, Views, Geolocation etc..)

E-commerce Requirements

This template requires Google Analytics 4 Ecommerce implementation to be in place to display e-commerce metrics such as purchases, transactions, revenue, add to cart, and product metrics.

Other info

We provide full dashboard configuration and adaptation support.